Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Drawer from Closet Inc

Comic from the video of the Negative/Dead By Gun/Janne Wilde & Rose Avenue/Flinch/Uniklubi cover of Queen's song, Too Much Love Will Kill You.

Here's the link to the video: YouTube

Monday, May 07, 2007

Doodle: Psychiatrics

I took those descriptions from the booklet of Bloodpit's new album, Off The Hook, which I've been listening on repeat for over a week. The album's design concept is hospital/psychiatric institute, so the descriptions of the band members had to fit...
...and that's how I imagined it.

By the way.. MEEP! Aleksi and Paavo's first appearance in the closet. ^_^

Friday, May 04, 2007

Copy that!

Jussi shaved his head off, we all already knew that. We can't really do anything about it (glue might damage the skin and endanger future hair) but make our point.
We want hair on that head, Jussi. Maybe not that much, but hair nonetheless.
(the "go pick on Teemu" is refering to the fact that indeed, we've been on the singer's case a lot lately [but hey, some people know best than SHAVE THEIR HEAD], and that I like to play dress up with my Jussi character a lot.
Here, as a teddybear cause it's a very good way to cheer up my friends. A teddy, a Finn and a hug all at once.)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Pants69 : the wonder in Jussi69's pants

This one reminded me how much I loved to torture my characters. <3
We really, really wondered how Jussi's pants stayed on his hips. That's the answer we came up with. Not saying it's the real thing, but you know, it's always funnier in the closet anyway.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lemme in!!!

Here is, well, Jonne. This is an overdue representation of an event last year. My friend Las (pink hair, but not Pinkass) went to see Negative with her friend (black hair) and while they waited outside at the back of the venue, Jonne came out, hidden within a hoodie. After some time, the hord of fans nearby realized it was him, and they walked toward him. Now now, Jonne is wiser enough not to get caught alone by a flock of female fans, so he tried to get back inside, only the people on the other side of the door wouldn't open!
He *did* tell them he was the singer of the band playing that night, but it had no effect... He got back in safely in time though, don't worry. =)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Special

(that last one if for you Rain ;-) )

Happy Easter!
Eat lotsa chocolate!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Nice change, this time it's not one of the league chasing them!
The idea came from Uniklubi's Kaikki Mitä Mä Annoin video, in which we see Teemu sitting in front of Antti's drums, and said-drummer coming to get his drumsticks back. Then I saw a video of Christus playing drums during an evening at the Amadeus bar in Tampere, and it all made sense!
It was funny, but it needed something more, and Mikko holding on to his dear cello, running from Eicca, was perfect.
And a good chasing needed the sexy shoes.

By the way, please welcome Antti (Matikainen, from Uniklubi) and Jay in the closet. ^_^

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Ever notice that some bands - The 69 Eyes and Reflexion among them - got certain songs based a lot on keyboards, but with no keyboardist in their official team?
So yeah, that's the job of the Phantom Keyboardist™.

P.S.: no, it's not a true trademark. But it's a true copyright though. *pokes you with credits*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Special Day!

On this very day, one year ago, I first published 8 drawings under the banner of "closet inc.".
Since then, I made over 150 drawings, published over a hundred of them, I made friends, I got readers all over the world, I got my self-esteem go up and most of all, I had FUN.
Thank you so much to all of you who enjoy my comics, even more to those who tell me so; hugs and love to all my friends, who support me so much, to all the Finns who inspire me, and to my very dear Pinkass, without who none of this would have happened.

Looking forward a whole new year of fun and Finns!!


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Animal! (Prologue. Part 1/4)

There there, I admit, I've fallen in love with Alexi. He is just hilarious in interview. He has that big bad image of a metalhead, but he doesn't seem too worried about living up to it. In other words, he's being real. <3

The question was asked by a fan through an interview in the British magazine Metal Hammer. Alexi's answer is exactly what I wrote. Again, I just... illustrated my version of the facts.

Oh, and please welcome Janne Warman/Wirman/whatever into the Closet. He is Children of Bodom's keyboardist (among many other bands) and Alexi's partner in slash.
This is just a prologue. I'm giving myself until next Sunday to put up the main comic, or else....'ll get it later. ^_^;

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Couldn't resist. Sorry, Alexi.

A little introduction: here's Alexi Laiho, frontman-guitarist-lyricist-singer of the metal band Children Of Bodom.

(he's in my closet. I got him back from Pinkass's foul theft)
He really looks like a bad-ass.
He recently broke something in his shoulder.
While playing bowling.
No guitar for 6 weeks.

Real metal, Alexi. ^_^

(by the way, the "flying fuck" joke in the 6th panel: he says that a lot, it's even the chorus of their song "In Your Face". It's my new expression: I don't give a flying fuck. I'll now think of that picture everytime I see it. XD)