Thursday, May 04, 2006


Situation: the League was founded on the reaction to 3 disasters, but we shall not forget to do prevention too! Here, Pinkass and I are watching closely Juha (Pinkass more closely than I, if you'll look well) in case anyone tries to come around and cut his fucking beautiful hair. Don't we look cool? ^_^ But beware! We got razors!


("But his hair is not healthy when to LONG!"
"We just can't shave his beard and mustache!"
"We cut? But it's against our rules!"
"We don't shave? But the law...?!")

Situation: discussing the League's matters, we stumbled acroos Tuomas's very special case. Although we'd never want to cut his hair SHORT, when too loong, it does NOT look good. He's also one of the few Finns that wear a beard nicely. Fortunately, we stated that we only have to remove non-aesthetic facial hair. We'll have to make a twist for his hair, though...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


("Sorry, Pinkass, but you have to let go. We can't rescue THAT."

Situation: Third episode of the SISUWUBAF league - Jonne was the very beginning of it all, HIS hair disaster being the first to be known. Pinkass is not happy about it...