Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Out Of The Closet - Special PotC


Situation: Jack Sparrow is not a Finn. Sadly. However, due to latest movie addiction - Pirates Of The Carribeans 2: Dead Man's Chest, seen 6 times so far - and to special request from my friend Stephanie, here's a little "Out Of The Closet" - pun intended - Special as a gift to the said friend.
On the left, Stef; Jack tied up - muahahaha - and me.
And yes, having seen the movie - or at least the previews - will help catch the fun of the comic.


Teemu: Haluin vain että vakea nähvät minun... (I only wished that people see me...)
On dress: CUNT
Juha: Miksi olet tässä? (Why are you here?)
Jussi: Partaa. Sinä? (Beard. You?)
Juha: Huono sanat valinta. Ja hän? (Bad choice of lyrics. And him?)
Jussi: Tukka ja puku. (Hair and dress.)

Situation: Inspired randomly. I was looking back at my first drawings, and the jail onw with Juha was fun, so I decided to make another one. Pinkass, this is for you!I wanted to add more characters, so I thought that Jussi's beard was a bad enough sin for him to spend some time in the League's jail, and Teemu, well, his dress.... hahaha.By the way, the "CUNT" written on it was *really* written on it.