Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jails and Bricks

Taken from Metal From Finland:

"FOR MY PAIN…, the Finnish "goth metal" supergroup featuring Tuomas Holopainen (NIGHTWISH) on keyboards, Altti Veteläinen (ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW) on bass, Lauri Tuohimaa (EMBRAZE) on guitar, Olli-Pekka Törrö (ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW) on guitar, Juha Kylmänen (REFLEXION) on vocals, and Petri Sankala (ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW) on drums, will have its 2003 debut album, "Fallen", released in the U.K. via Spinefarm Records. In addition to the 10 tracks featured on the original release, "Fallen" — mixed by Mikko Karmila, a man who has shaped the sound of Finland's foremost rock acts — will come with the U.K.-only bonus track "Killing Romance", a chart single in Finland back in 2004."

I cannot help but smile and giggle a little at this, only because of my first comic, Dear Carniwhore (which, I'll remind you, was inspired by the FMP song of the same title). Hopefully this also means the project is not dead, and there could be a follow up.... =D

On another note, the other day I was thinking about random stuff and I came up with an interesting definition.

To brick someone: verb. To radically express your disagreement in a "constructive" way.

I think I'll try to think of more definitions like that XD

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New use for this place...!

Hello there!

Lately I've been swaaarmed by emails - no, not true, not swarmed, but pleasantly showered with =D - and I thought, it'd be fun to give some news or just share some thoughts with the 'few' people reading my comics now (about 60 visitors a day, which is huge for me, in my humble opinion).
So, I shall post here from time to time, when I find, think or make up stuff that might interest you, very dear readers. =)

So, for this post, I want to thank deeply all of you, for your support and emails and laughs that I can almost hear from here. Closet Inc reached 50,000 visitors in a bit less than 3 years now, and considering I just did this to entertain my friends and I, I'm extremely flattered that so many people enjoy those little idiotic drawings. Yet, awfully grateful. <3

Also, I have to make mention of the latest friend request I got on CI's MySpace, from a girl whose username was 'Reality'. So it went like this, "Reality wants to be your friend!". I really thought, "I'm not interested, I make my own world :P" but accepted it of course. I just found it giggle-worth =)

Oooh, and I'm getting fanart! Wheeweeeheeee! <3
(Would have been hard to get fanart before, since basically, Closet Inc IS fanart XD)

Sooo... that's it for today I think.
Take care~~