Saturday, October 17, 2009


...followers on this blog. Ahah.

Well, hello to you all then.
First, a bit of news from me.
I completed today the folder for my residence permit application, and visited the consulate in Montreal to get it stamped and whatnot. All went well. Of course. I knew what to expect. We're on Saturday now so since postal services are not running on weekends - so aren't public services like embassies, either - my stuff should reach Ottawa on Tuesday, then be shipped to Finland. Then, I wait 4 to 6 months. Meh.
Still, it's progressing. Me happy.

Then, I might have found a job, which is awesome. Money + stuff to do = <3

Now. Closet related: I will (really, this time) order a new batch/edition of Closet button badges, and since they will mostly be shipped to you (the 4 people reading this 8D) I need your opinion on what they should display. There will most likely be 15 different designs, plus the banner-bearing one.
So! Please fill THIS survey if you haven't already :)

I still have to work on the new website >_> And ask my brother for assistance cause I want to stab CSS with a sharp pencil -___-;;;

I will be attending the 69 Eyes' show in Montreal on November 4th. Don't know yet if I'll bother with a new series of promo drawings to get signed, since I already have a set. Though I still miss Archzie.... we'll see.

And, for those of you weird people who might check this blog before checking the site (or the 86349086 other feeds I post the link to new comics on), here's Kukka.

Random music news: You can hear The Rasmus' new single, "October And April", featuring Anette Olzon (<3), HERE (Youtube). I personally like it, though many people didn't.

So, I guess that's all for now. I leave you with this vision of horror from my (inexistent) sewing skills.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Because it's been a bit too long, so the result disappeared.

The poll I'd made previously about buttons was... recycled, if I may say so. The ID number was associated with another poll (not from me) so I lost all the results.
Idiot me.

If you would be nice enough.... to fill this survey HERE.
The survey is ending on Saturday the 17th of October, so I'll have the buttons about 2 weeks after. Perfectly on time for Christmas! ;D