Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gah -___-

Hello, Closeteers!
Sorri for the long time without news.

On Friday, I'll be sending out my residence permit application to go study in Finland, after getting it authentified by the consulate here in Montreal. This is the culminating point of lots of stress, though I'll only get the final answer in 4 to 6 weeks. Still.
Stress has kinda been killing me, ruining my sleep and making me a bit grumpy sometimes (a lot, sometimes, too). Though I don't exactly expect to be less stressed during the next 11.5 weeks (prior to my departure), I will have less to do, pocumentation-pilling-wise, so more free time. I have this 3-panel, full decor comic to finish, and a few funny ideas.
Hopefully, the Closet will help me relax.

Thank you all again, you're a big part of the reason I'm still here and soon, will be there =)