Saturday, August 08, 2009


Dear Closeteers,

In 24 hours, I'll be over the Atlantic, on my way to Reykjavík.
Time went by so fast.

My current travel plan is as follows:
Finland for a week, then UK for 12 days. 5 days in the Netherlands, 5 days in Germany, a week in Austria, another week in Finland, then a week in Denmark.
Fun much?
Hell yeah.
Best in all of this, is that I get to see almost all of my friends from last summer (I'm going to miss you Caitlin :'( ) =D
Granted, less Finn stalking, but honestly, we don't even need to see them to make comics up, sooo...

I don't have a long list of comics to put up during my leave this year, sadly. I'll have regular internet access though, and I'll try to wrist as often as possible to share some funnies and stories.

My return shall see new comics hopefully, a new site eventually and most likely, FINALLY buttons to be bought. 8)

So, have a nice end of summer, take good care of yourselves!!