Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sexy Shoes!

Yes, yes, this is Naked's singer The Muff, chasing, bare-feet, Ville Valo from HIM.
But why the hell, might you ask.
Some of you HIM fans - and non-fans like myself who just laughed at him - might have noticed the horrible shoes Valo wore at the Presidential reception on Finland's National Day (Dec. 6th).
A few days later, while checking Muff's pictures for the advent calendar, I noticed the outrageous ressemblance of his shoes... with Ville's.
A closer look let us know that they were indeed, the same model.
I thought of several other jokes about that - a scene of Valo getting fashion advice from the Muff, Valo shopping with the Muff, etc - but Pinkass and I (ok, more I than us) have been repeating Ville's line over and over again for the past 2 weeks. So I kept this one.
The "Sexy Shoes" name was inspired by a macro by happyfuneral, which you can see below, with other references of the Sexy Shoes.


(click each pic to open it in a new window)

P.S.: You might very well see those two again soon...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

But - but - but (league 11)

Jussi cut his hair. Yes, yes. He cut it. I'm just speechless.