Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Animal! (Prologue. Part 1/4)

There there, I admit, I've fallen in love with Alexi. He is just hilarious in interview. He has that big bad image of a metalhead, but he doesn't seem too worried about living up to it. In other words, he's being real. <3

The question was asked by a fan through an interview in the British magazine Metal Hammer. Alexi's answer is exactly what I wrote. Again, I just... illustrated my version of the facts.

Oh, and please welcome Janne Warman/Wirman/whatever into the Closet. He is Children of Bodom's keyboardist (among many other bands) and Alexi's partner in slash.
This is just a prologue. I'm giving myself until next Sunday to put up the main comic, or else....'ll get it later. ^_^;