Friday, May 04, 2007

Copy that!

Jussi shaved his head off, we all already knew that. We can't really do anything about it (glue might damage the skin and endanger future hair) but make our point.
We want hair on that head, Jussi. Maybe not that much, but hair nonetheless.
(the "go pick on Teemu" is refering to the fact that indeed, we've been on the singer's case a lot lately [but hey, some people know best than SHAVE THEIR HEAD], and that I like to play dress up with my Jussi character a lot.
Here, as a teddybear cause it's a very good way to cheer up my friends. A teddy, a Finn and a hug all at once.)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Pants69 : the wonder in Jussi69's pants

This one reminded me how much I loved to torture my characters. <3
We really, really wondered how Jussi's pants stayed on his hips. That's the answer we came up with. Not saying it's the real thing, but you know, it's always funnier in the closet anyway.