Wednesday, July 19, 2006

SISUWUBAF 8 - "..."

(Jussi: ... (*: EEEEEeeeeekkk)
Jussi: ..! (*2: Psychos!)
Jussi: ... (*: EEEEEeeeeekkk)
League Members: BWAHAHA
Jussi: HEY!
- shling -
Jussi: Vittu. (Fuck.)
Jussi: En ole vauva!!! Tahdon partani!!! (I'm not a baby!!! I want my beard!!!)
Situation: Please don't hate me for slightly making fun of Jussi's lost voice. Admit that you at least smiled. I agree, that's sad, but that added so much fun to this...
Those first 2 images are gonna be soooo good for icons...
(Jussi the samouraï!)

League 7 - Jussi, you're not your big bro!

Almost 2 months since I posted anything... Here's 2!

(Teemu: Hello! <3>

Situation: Jussi sadly followed his older brother's footsteps into the horrible idea of growing a beard. (For those who were worried, Janne actually shaved now. He's cute again.) So we had to give Jussi a fix. It took more time cause he lost his voice recently, so the whole idea of making him freak out was less interesting.

Note Teemu wearing the flowery dress. He actually did it.


(can't find the pic for ugly beardy Jussi, but trust me that is horrible)

(Teemu in his dress)