Thursday, October 19, 2006

League 11 - Janne's punishment

Situation: Janne, if you ever read this, we love you. Really. We just don't agree with your hair and beard. But we still love you.
Overdue League comic. Janne (Uniklubi) cut his hair during summer, but I needed to find the right inspiration and idea. (Thanks to Tina for the idea of the way to torture poor Janne)
Please note that I'm incredibly strong in that first picture, dragging a man single-handedly. Also note that Pinkass and I actually really don't know how to play guitar.
Oh, and that "twing-ga-ling-ga-ling" sound by Pinkass? She's trying to be a guitar. No, indeed, she has no future as a stringed instrument.

By the way: we can now celebrate the first encounter of a Finn with his Closet version! Vivian (Lovex) saw the "Theon is Vivian's." comic that Tina put on her MySpace. Said that it "is great....hehe=)". So if other Finns come by and see this, please, Finns, leave a comment or something. If you want to throw rocks at me, I'll give you an address for you to send them here.


(With the beard. I don't agree. Do you?)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brokeback Vuorinen

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Situation: A little wordplay of a very tired Laury. I've heard (read) that Jussi69's last name is Vuori, which means "mountain". Aaah, you see it now, huh? Nightwish's Emppu got "Vuorinen" as a family name, so yeah.
Brokeback Vuorinen. Yeah, Jussi is kinda wondering "What the hell went through her f*cked up head" and he's too dressed. I know, I know.
No needs'a reference, right?