Wednesday, August 09, 2006


("Pelästyn." (I'm scared.))

A derogation to my ever-funny comics...


(Jussi: Miks sä kiitokselet HÄN?! (Why do you thank HIM?!)
Janne: Se on hänen syy... (It's his fault...)
Theon: Miks HÄN kiitoksele SINÄ?! (Why is HE thanking YOU?!)
Vivian: Ja MINÄ olen kaatelinen? (And I am jealous?)
Theon: Niin olet. Nyt, MIKSI??? (Yes you are. Now, WHY???))

Situation: While checking Rakkautta Ja Piikilankaa's booklet (note: Uniklubi's first album), I stubled across the thanks and noticed that Janne was thanking Vivian... Of course, it was during the "let's-get-obsessed-with-Theon-cause-Las-says-so" period so it kinda struck me. And yeah, dirty thoughts came to my mind. Muahahaha.
Don't you think Janne looks all cute like that? I do think so.

Theon on the hunt...

Situation: At his latest birthday - 24, can you imagine... - Theon decided to attack Uniklubi's tourbus. Now, it was his birthday party, and a top hat is kinda too... seeable for a hunt - he has to hide, you know - so he traded it for a pink crown...
Note: we don't know what happened of the tourbus.


Theon is Vivian's.

"That was only a mic, Vivian."
"And it still had not right to kiss you like it did."
"You're so possessive."
"I am."
"That too. Yours only.")
Situation: One of the rare - but more and more frequent - request I got. Theon is Vivian's property, as is Vivian Theon's property. Now, 2 new members of the Closet! Actually, I realized - thanks to Phaelas insisting comments ;) - that Theon and Vivian from Lovex are very high Closet-able characters.
Fun indeed.
Shall follow: Theon being his mischievous self on his birthday, and another outburst of jealousy - from various people.

(Theon and his beloved mic - Vivian Sin'amor)