Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Long time with no update... eh. I'm sorri. My tablet was dying and I've been sick all of last week.

I will briefly share a bit of frustrastion here.

On Sunday, my shoulder and neck hurt. I had fever, and felt generally horrible. Took me 45 minutes to actually find the will to move around in my bed. Bad.

On Monday, I felt a bit better. In the evening, my throat started hurting, so I took a bit of syrup.

On Tuesday morning, it was hurting more. The day went by, and I progressively lost my voice, though I wasn't coughing. I bought a new type of syrup. An hour after, I started coughing.

On Wednesday, I went to the clinic and, after waiting for 3 hours, got antibiotics prescribed. An hour after I took the first dose, my nose started running. Dripping. It was like water. But from my nose.

(I named it, The Faucet)

On Thursday, it started clogging my sinuses. I went back to the clinic, they told me to wait, it'd probably go away by itself.

On Friday, at 3:30am, when I decided that trying to sleep was a waste of time, I also decided that I'd stop the antibiotics. After all, something that makes mucus flow down my throat and keeps me from resting can't really be that good for me to fight a throat infection, can it?

On Saturday afternoon, after having been meds-free for a bit less than 48 hours, I felt better than I had in a week. I cough from time to time, but I still have my voice.

I have the feeling that the more meds I took, the sicker I was. I got my lesson, thankyouverymuch.


In other, more funnier news, a few weeks ago I got FANART 8D

Ok, considering that most of my characters are fanarts of Finnish bands, it's kinda hard to draw fanart of my comics.

But it's possible!

SWHP, Pinkass, Commodore, Emily, PK, and now Rumors and Facts are all original characters.

One of my best friends - and also my idol, drawing-wise (I hate her) - Pakou, drew the following for me <333

I love her imterpretation of genderless/ful Rumors =) You can see another fanart she did of Commodore and Emily HERE. From there, just click on her username (mmstery) to see the rest of her beautiful artwork =D
P.S.: You can draw and send me fanart, too =D
Lately, my tablet has been acting up a little, so I decided it was time to replace it.
I had a graphire 4, and bought a nice Bamboo tablet today to replace my dying graphire. I love the design of the Bamboo <3>
...I hope I'll get more votes than emails... :P