Saturday, August 01, 2009

So the verdict falls....

...and my residence permit application is denied.
I don't have the full version yet, my papers will come in next week - with the return of my passport.

You can imagine, this came as a full hit to the face. But, I'm a ninja cat, and have already sprung back on my paws and off to a new path again. So, starting August 9th, until September 27th, I'll be traveling across Europe. Finland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Denmark. 7 weeks across 6 countries. Fun =D

The new site isn't complete, and will not be before I leave. I have yet to decide what to do upon coming back (home-wise, work-wise, studies-wise) so it'll depend on a lot of things.

So yeah, I was pretty crushed this morning when I got the news, but I'm (amazingly) more than ok now. I'll keep you all posted =)

Take care, Closeteers!!