Thursday, November 26, 2009


I did it!! :D

Hello. My second batch of button badges - the first one that will actually be available for sale - has been ordered and paid for tonight. I can already anticipate the awesome pride I'll feel upon looking at those tiny little professional-looking items with my art over them. Squee. =D
I thought I'd show you all the final designs. There are some I like more or less, but I tried to make choose and make them accordingly to the results of the survey I conducted a while back.

Closet logo - All orders will come with one included. (to be honest I'm still in love with it. The rock thrown and the lettering. <3)
Bite me! - a favorite of mine. Commodore was quite high in the character popularity contest, and I like the joke XD (Japa in bonus.)
Duck! - Another one of my favorites. Isn't IsoT just awfully cute and sad? Poor little super hero.
The Axe - I'm still giggling over the comic. I'm also giggling over the lame wordplay. But that's just me XD It was also a popular demand =)
Gaffaman! - This was a hard one to design. None of the actual drawings of Eicca as Gaffaman actually worked well in a button design. So you're getting a... rescued innocent instead =)
Life - As much as I love that comic, using it in button design is much harder than it looks.

(but you know life *is* short, even if he doesn't like that word)
Sparkly - I could not have left that one out. Too bad I can't actually put glitter on those badges.
sPINK & Spank - I think this one imposed itself mostly because I fell in love with the wordplay. Not thw pink part, just you know, the whole. I love words.
Throwing UP - That picture was probably the easiest to use on a button design. And, to be honest, I like it very much XD You decide if it represents what downing alcohol so recklessly will lead to, or the actual downing itself XD
Wilde Mime - I actually had a lot of demand for Jann Wilde. Weird, especially since I drew him what, 3 times? Finding the right image and right slogan was much of a hassle. v.v
Rumors - I'm VERY happy with this one. This is a drawing I did for the occasion. Know the saying, "Rumor has it that [insert gossiping here]" ? Rumors is cool. Rumors is awesome. Rumors has IT. Period.
(you can also see some double sense in the 'period' comment. is it what Rumors has? period? XD)
Beerman - I had few demands for Bloodpit, but this drawing - Paavo as Beerman, another superhero - is just one of my favorite. A small number of these will be made =3
Teddy - I think this one will be liked very much. =3 The drawing was made for the occasion =)