Friday, November 10, 2006

Kris, featuring the eyebrows

Situation: Well, our dear Christus decided to make his look yet more original. If I don't know whether this was the real reason or not, it would be a logical solution. I mean, Kris really does seem to live for his music; sacrificing eyebrows? That's nothing.
He's better keep the makeup on though, without, it looks weird.
THERE, Tina. You got your Kris comic. Now leave me alone for a couple of months :P


Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Old Comics!

Confusing title...Well, it's quite simple. I mentionned that I'd be redrawing some of the old comics I published, well, I actually more like "rearranged" them. Rescanned them, cleaned them and colored them with photoshop - Gods and Godesses bless photoshop. So here are the first 3 I did - in 2 days.

"Lash me with your whip..."

This one was inspired by the For My Pain... song "Dear Carniwhore", sang by Juha Kylmänen (who is also singer for Reflexion). In said song, the chorus is as follows:
"Licking your bloody lipsSmiling and sucking your fingertipsLash me with your whipI'm your slaveMy dear Carniwhore"
So yeah. I took it litteraly. Singers, be aware of what you're singing. Lol.


Ok, I may be shooting my own foot by displaying this one here. Featuring: Teemu Rajamäki, bassist for Uniklubi. The joke: in French (my first language), the pronounciation of his name is exactly like "T'es mou", contracted form of "Tu es mou", which means "You are soft", more in a "You are not hard" way. Finns will have understood the joke at this point, I think. "Lerppu" is in Finnish, and it's how we planned to explain it to Teemu. I just pictured his reaction to it, and drew it there. *chuckles* We wanted to tell him ourselves, but my comics are getting broadcasted out of my control, so I guess we can forget about that.


Again, featuring members from Uniklubi, Jussi and Janne Selo, respectively singer and guitarist/back vocalist. In their first video, Rakkauta Ja Piikkilankaa, Janne has his head against Jussi's shoulder and chest, and apparently has his mouth opened (see it at 3:55 in the video, but it's quick, so keep a sharp eye). So we joked around that, also considering that we got a picture of them kissing. The important fact in all of this: they are brothers. (Janne is the older one)
So it's ~incest~, but it's the Selo brothers, so it's Selocest.

(You think that this idea is sick? You should read a couple of the many fanfictions that take it much further than that... lol)

So yeah, that's it. More to come. I'm not gonna arrange them all, cause some of them are just doodle, not proper to be redrawn or not worth the time. If you got a request, send me a message specifying which comic you'd like to be redrawn. Until then...