Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Pants Intervention

Situation: Requested by Pam and Tina at, this comic is featuring the (Finnish, of course) band Day Eleven. The idea: Luca, the drummer, likes to do band practices... in underwear (fact). The band has had enough and plots a Pants Intervention to put some... well, pants on him.
Plans fails when Kimmo gets spotted by the League and gets chased because of his beard.
(Oh, and little blue-helmet guy is Olli. The hocket helmet is a lucky helmet and it makes him win pool competitions. What he's holding is, indeed, a pool stick. And yes, the "let go of your stick" order was meant to be ambiguous.)


(Janne (dreads), Matti (blonde), Olli, Kimmo (beard) and Luca over them)