Monday, February 23, 2009

Opinions / Suggestions needed!

A few weeks / months / "insert time measure here" ago, I mentioned wanting to make buttons out of closet inc. drawings. For Christmas, some of my friends were the lucky / unlucky recievers of my first batch, which turned out quite nicely all in all. There were some corrections to do, mostly on colors and contrasts.

Now my question to you, dear readers / fellow stalkers (or maybe I should call you closeters? closeteers? clostalkers? join your suggestions on the matter) is, what would YOU want on buttons? Which drawing, text, quote? After all, they will be eventually yours, so it's only fair you get to choose.

Send your suggestions - button designs & closet readers nicknames - to, whether or not you're planning on ordering buttons.

Pleaaaaaaasseeeeeeee write to meeeeeeeeeeee thank you =)

Details on said buttons: 1-inch metal buttons, will come in minimum order of 10 (can be all different designs) starting at 10$CAN, shipping included [2$ shipping to US & Canada, 4$ everywhere else]. All profits will go toward my comics: either toward a new graphic tablet - again -_-;; - or toward the hosting of closet inc. as an independant website (googlepages is going to disappear in a while, and googlesites is just not an option).