Thursday, March 23, 2006

Under the skirt...

"Oooh! Barbie undies!
Where did you get them?!
I want!")
Situation: Sör Christus's quite, erm, interesting style is full of surprises. Under the pink, normal skirt, you may find.... Barbie Undies! We actually got a pic of those two onstage, and Jonne is taking Sör's skirt up to see under. Ok, so Sör's expression isn't really like that, but who cares? It way funnier than way ^_^
And remember: Jonne's interested in Larry, so Christus is merely a "distraction"... who is wearing undies he wants ;-)


(Christus in all his pinkiness - Jonne)

Long Lost Twins

You're me!
I mean...
I'm you!
ERR - --)

Situation: This was Pastlink idea: she finds that Nightwish's Emppu and Uniklubi's Pasi look very alike. So, maybe they're long lost bros??? Who knows, with all the links there is all through the musical scene in Finland, it is just another scenario that could well be true. In this drawing, it was hard to even make them look alike - I mean, they're comics... - so I just imagined as if they were identical, and met for the first time. ^_^


(Pasi - Emppu)

Live and Dangerous

(Caution! The Muff's hair eats small animals!
*heehee <3*)

Situation: The Muff, singer of the band Naked (interesting enough as a band name), has the weirdest, biggest hair ever. Pastlink and I wondered what could be hidden in there. Since it was big and hairy and scary, we decided that it was some kind of carnivorous fur or something, and that it fed on small animals coming around. Do not TOUCH the Muff's hair. XD


(The Muff - Täxi [from Naked])



Situation: Ah, Dear Teemu! From Uniklubi, the sexy bassist has the most funniest name ever for us French-speakers! Pronounced "Teh-mou", it means something like "you're not hard", in French, "T'es mou". Of course, we've decided that when we'd meet someone named Teemu after moving to Finland, we'd explain our laughs to him. The word that's sum the best our idea would be "lerppu", litteraly, "a dropper". I just imagined his face after the explanation... XD


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shake that thing, Mr Jyrki ^_^

(Lost Boys
Pointing note: "goth rock music"
Jyrki: Heh. "You like That, huh?")

Situation: We now know where Pastlink's eyes are off to when she sees a Finn; this comic was her idea. Taken from "Devils" and Lost Boys" videos, Jyrki is having fun shaking his ass (let us not be afraid of words) for the camera (or the girls that watches him from there) and well, puts up a good show. I highly recommend it. This is his second appearance in the Closet, kind loan from Pastlink. So here's the ref, sadly not of his ass.


Christus's Revenge... or so he thinks

(Sör Christus, thinking: "In your face, Larry!!!"
Jonne, repeating in his head: "Think it's Larry, Think it's Larry, Think it's Larry..."
*holds tight*)

Situation: O supreme heresy! I had seen Jonne kiss Larry but hadn't seen him kiss Christus! Pastlink kindly sent me the video, but I was disappointed: Sör Christus is nowhere near as interesting in his kissing as Larry was. Its was... all cold, formal. So, even if I think the video with Christus takes place before the one with Larry, I drew this as "Christus's revenge" over Larry... which isn't really one since Jonne is actually thinking of Larry... XD
Ok, shut up Laury. ^_^'


(Sör Christus, Negative; couldn't seriously show you any pic of him without pink.)

The Bamtard, Revenge Part I

(Pastlink holding black guitar; me holding white one; Bamtard in the middle; Jonne on the lower left; Jyrki by his side; Ville with the smoke)

Situation: If you've heard of Ville Valo, singer of HIM, you MUST have heard of the Bamtard, Bam Margera. He's his groupie. He's stolen his heartagram. And now, he's stealing many Finnish bands so they'd go to the USA. Don't misunderstand me: having The 69 Eyes and Negative in North America isn't a bad thing in itself. But knowing they only go in the USA and that we can't go there, and that they're taking them away from Finland, make us........... URGH!!!
So yeah, our revenge ^_^


(Ville Valo - Bam Margera)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Juha the Toy Boy

("I wanna be a TOYBOY"
"Juha, it's not your song!"
"Shut up you!!! *drools*")

Situation: Pastlink suggested that I draw Juha (Reflexion, For My Pain...) as a sexy Finn waiting on a bed (for her, most probably). Then she mentionned "toyboy", which word has been brought to our vocabulary by the band Megaphone (one of Apocalyptica's drummer Mikko Sirén's other bands) in the song of the same name (ToyBoy). Hence the joke, that it is not Juha's song, but you know, Pastlink doesn't really care. Juha's in HER closet anyway.

Reference (to Pinkass's demand) :

The Selo Brothers

("Damn, Janne"
"We're bros. We can't make out in PUBLIC."

Situation: Uniklubi's famous brothers, Jussi and Janne Selo, obviously share more than connection by blood. I mean, they're in the same band also. However, we have at least one picture of them kissing. The picture I drew was inspired by their videoclip of the song "Rakkautta ja Piikkilanka" (Love and Barbed Wire), in which Jussi, bare chest, gets his shoulder licked sensually by his older brother. It lasts a second - not short enough for fans not to notice. Yay for family!


(Jussi - Janne)

Merry Christmas from Nightwish ...!

(Translations: "Naked Finns [in] their second natural habitat"
Clockwise, Tuomas: "Mine is longer!"
[Note: his elf hat *is* longer ^_^]
Marco: "*jealous of Tuomas's*"
Emppu: "(swearing)! Camera!"
Jukka: "Devil! This is extremely cold!"
"Around a tree, in the snow")

Situation: a video (amateur) was found on the web, showing four Finns (undoubtably) dancing naked around a little, undecorated Christmas tree outdoors, chanting happily in the dark. Now, they do look like Nightwish's members Tuomas Holopainen, Marco Hietala, Erno Vuorinen and Jukka Nevalainen. The end of the video *does* show a "Best Christmas Wishes from Nightwish", but that could still not be genuine. We've had fun watching it though. ^_^


(Tuomas, Emppu, ex-singer Tarja, Jukka, Marco)

This is getting confusing... Larry or Christus?

(Yes Jonne, you're making C(h)ristus Jealous.)

Situation: Ah, THE video. We have seen Jonne Aaron kiss almost sweetly Sör Christus (yes, I mispelled his name in the drawing, sorry) and Larry Love a couple of times, but well, you know, there has been a couple of Finns doing the same often, so nothing magnificent here.
BUT, during a show of the HIM/The Rasmus/Negative tour, Jonne (after teasing a girl so she'd lift her shirt, see previous drawing), began singing, got closer to Larry (guitar), took off his cigarette (Larry's) and... deeply french-kissed him.
Oh, Larry did move a little away from Jonne's face, but it was just so he could play a bit of guitar (had to see his instrument in order to) and turned back for the rest of the passionate kiss.
So, no, unlike my drawing suggests, Larry was willing and did nothing that could let us presume of his non-willingness into the kiss.


(Jonne and Larry)
(YES, those are both male)

Innocent, PINK and Sparkly

(*innocent* (and PINK))

Situation: Negative got a singular singer: Jonne Aaron looks extremely....
Blond hair, angel eyes, innocent look... Don't get fooled, he's a tease and a perv. A video - of which you'll have another passage in a short time - shows him during a concert on tour with HIM and The Rasmus, lifting his how shirt to invite a girl in the audience to do the same and show her breast. His haircut is not the same as in the video, but I was not really sure of how to draw dreadlocks.


(YES, that's a man.)

Long blond hair... who's the princess again?

(Perttu Rocks!!! - Perttu Faints!!! - Everyone HAS their Prince Charming...)

Situation: Eicca Toppinen and Perttu Kivilaakso, from Apocalyptica, share a vibrant brotherhood. So close, they don't hesitate much to show the cameras the true extent of that deep love, such as kissing each other. Rumors have long been around those two, so I decided to illustrate that romantic relationship.
P.S.: Yes, Perttu faints.


(Eicca - Perttu)

I only have eyes for Jussi 69...

Situation: I've found myself deeply erm, moved by The 69 Eyes's drummer Jussi and his... interesting body. This is not a drawing at the peak of my talents nor does it show the true extent of the delicious vision he can give us, but I didn't have a picture to rely on, only souvenirs and a friend. Still, not so bad. ^_^


Dear Carniwhore ....!

Situation: Juha Kylmänen [Yu-ha kuhl-ma-nen], frontman of Reflexion and For My Pain..., sings in on of the last band's song (Dear Carniwhore):
"Lash me with your whip, I'm your slaaave... My Dear Carniwhore!"
Which is, obviously, a play on the words "carnivore" and "whore".
Point is!
We found it quite funny and interesting to put in practice, so that's what it gave. ^_^



Mitä kuuluu? No, I don't really speak Finnish. No, sadly, not yet. Anyway, I'm working on it ^^
So you came around my closet and decided to take a peak at it, huh? Well, welcome in my personnal warehouse of Naked Finns!
Oh, not ALL my Finns are naked, and sometimes I'm borrowing my friends' (who are not all naked either), but you'd better be open to slashiness* and, if you dare to continue further, to sexual references and comments.
You have been warned, you enter my closet with full knowledge now.
Have Fun. ^^
P.S.: Some of the drawings are colored, some are not; some will eventually be, some won't. It'll be as I am pleased to do - and to my schedule will.
*slash/slashiness: pictures, fictions, behavior tainted with or just plainly male homosexual