Saturday, October 14, 2006

Let's Celebrate!!!

I've finally got to 50 comics for the Closet! Yay me!
There's at least 7 more to come. 2 tomorrow, maybe more, maybe different ones... If I'm to update weekly, I need to keep some of them for later or I won't have any idea left to update with!
And remember: like Turtle, duuude. and League Hunt!, you CAN request comics. Be a little more specific than "with Ville in", though.
I should do a 50 comics celebration comic...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Turtle, duuude.

This comic has been requested by: Tina.
See, Antti Anatomy (bassist for Negative) owns a TURTLE.
TURTLE are cool, duuude. (Finding Nemo anyone?)
Rain likes Antti much. So here's Antti and his turtle.
(And Teemu, but that's just for me.)

IPB Image
(Antti and said Finnish TURTLE)

Teemu is back in black!

Remember that the Closet has moved to a new address also!

Situation: Huuuuh. Maybe I should have gone softer on him. ^_^; Anyway.
Teemu is back to black! He dyed his hair, let us celebrate! Plus it grew a bit, so life is beautiful once again! :-D
(And no, in the first panel, my hand is not in a weird place. It's really just your imagination.)


(Tee and his beloved "Let's F*ck" Negative T-shirt)

League Hunt!

Remember that the Closet has moved to a new address also!

Situation: Ville got a brand new, ugly mustache. As members of the SISUWUBAF, it is our duty to cut it off.
I just never really mentionned which, of Ville or the mustache, we'd have to cut. Mehehe.
(for those wondering, no, I'm not fan of Ville. But of course, League work comes before anything...)
The lesson of this strip: Don't smoke, it'll get you killed. (and/or chased by crazy girls)
Strip requested by Heather. *waves* Hope you have fun in New York, hun! <3>


(Ville and the EEEWWW-gly mustache)

Monday, October 09, 2006


Little news about the Closet...


First, I will now try to update the Closet at least once a week. Yeah, I know, it's been a month (insert Scarlett's accent here) since I had put something up. I will try to avoid that. I already have much ideas for next strips, so I may well draw them now, complete them on computer, and save them for later. Muahahaha.

Strips to come

Ville needs to be hunted down; Janne needs a correction; Ville L needs to be welcomed better in the Closet; we have Vickings among Finns; and we've revisited a movie by a certain Ang Lee.

The Closet moved!

You can now find all the Closet Comics at It also includes the League section (under construction) and the SuomalaiSEKSI section (under construction as well). I will keep updating this page for a while, with regular reminders that well, we moved.

For suggestions, comments, complaints, requests, rocks to be thrown, please mail now to
So I'm off. Thank you. BYE.


Situation: When my friends are sad or feeling a little down, I like to hand out teddybears. I mean, virtual teddybears. Handed virtually.
So yeah, one night, two of my friends, fans of the Closet, felt sad, so I thought, let's draw a little Teddy-Jussi!
So I did.
Isn't he cuuuute?

Sticky Brothers

Situation: I was discussing with a friend about Jonne's last name - Liimatainen - and I noted that "liima" means "glue" and "liimata", "to glue". "Liimatainen" thus should have the general meaning of "sticky".Jon & Williams Sticky.(Williams is pretty much the English equivalent of "Ville", Jonne's younger brother and singer of Flinch. It's his first appearance in the Closet!)


(Young Will (Ville))

(Negative, with Jonne in the middle)


Situation: Marco Hietala (Nightwish/Tarot/Sinergy's bassit/vocalist) looks like a Vicking, there's not denying it. But how about when he was a kid?This is way overdue, I drew this in... July?


(Marco the Vicking)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Laboratory

Situation: started a long time ago, came back to actuality when we heard Jussi69 shaved his head off, and then Ville (Jonne's young brother and singer of Flinch) who got a new haircut, too. We defined that it is a disease, and that Bam started it.
It's really all Bam's fault.
More to come in the near future.