Wednesday, July 22, 2009

101 Goals in 1001 Days... the knowingly less-willed version

Hello, closeteers! I'm still alive!
...barely. 8D
Still waiting for confirmation as to whether I'm even leaving the country in (!!!) 18 days. Calling tomorrow for info. =x

In the meantime... I wanted to share a very inspiring project.

So I was inspired by this project to start my own list of goals. However, knowing how well my will and determination work, I decided to start with smaller objectives - as in, less goals, in less time.

So, here's my 29 Goals in 29 Weeks list. The number 29 was chosen randomly by asking an unsuspecting person - Pinkcess - for a random number between 1 and 50.

Ongoing goals
Completed goals

1. Spend an entire afternoon looking for 4-leaf clovers
Why: Ever since primary school, I've had a thing with 4-leaf clovers. I usually find at least about a dozen per year. Up to 5 this season =) It'd be nice to take the time to look, not so much to collect them, but just relax for a full afternoon =)
How: Spend at least straight 4 hours (as little walking around as possible) looking for 4-leaf clovers.

2. Enjoy being out in the rain
Why: Most of the time I've been out in the rain, it was on my way to somewhere, and the rain was never really welcome. I feel it would have a cleansing effect to just stop running for cover and enjoy the wash =)
How: Spend a reasonable amount of time (i.e. not just 5 minutes, but not enough to get sick) under the rain, without an umbrella. Other waterproof items are allowed.

3. Try the Finnish sauna
Why: I've tried sauna just once here, and it wasn't bad... I was just very young. I should at the very least honor such an ancient tradition =)
How: Spend at least 15 minutes in a Finnish sauna - either traditional or modern.

4. Read the first book of Twilight
Why: Though the whole concept / story seems unappealing to me, I've noticed and highly disliked my disdain for something I haven't even experienced firsthand. For the sake of open-mindedness and tolerance, I shall make an effort =)
How: Read the complete first book of the Twilight series.

5. Listen to Britney's new album
Why: Very similar to the reasons for goal04: for the sake of open-mindedness, I shall try =)
How: Listen and pay attention to each song from Britney Spears's album 'Circus'

6. Listen to Jann Wilde's latest album
Why: Very similar to the reasons for goal04 and goal05: for the sake of open-mindedness, I shall try =)
How: Listen and pay attention to each song from Jann Wilde's MNeon City Rockers' album.

7. Try tasting alcohol
Why: The last time I tried drinking alcohol, I was... 15. Though I won't go back on my decision not to drink, again, for the sake of experimenting, I shall take a gulp of an alcoholic beverage.
How: Take a reasonable sip of an alcoholic beverage (not shots).



10. Read a random book proposed by Michi
Why: I am very much in awe of all the book Michi talks about in her posts. I wish I had enough focus to read and enjoy so many books, so, I shall start somewhere =)
How: Read in its entirety, whether it captives me or not, a book suggested by Michi.

11. Spend an entire week (7 days) eating 3 meals a day
Why: Because I often skip meals, and I know that when I'll be at school, chances are I'll skip more than one per day...
How: Eat a consistent amount of food and beverage 3 times a day, for 7 days in a row.

12. Spend 2 entire weeks (14 days) doing 1h of exercise per day
Why: As my challenge begins on August 29th, most of my 1-hour walks to go to and back from work will be over, so I'll have to make an effort.
How: Do 1 hour straight of physical exercise, i.e. walking for an hour, doing various routines with short resting periods, etc.

13. Do a one-comic-a-day week (7 days)
Why: As I write this, I do have inspiration for comics - but the stress is burning most of my creative energy. And having people waiting for every comic each day makes me feel special ;)
How: Post one comic (no older than a week) per day for 7 days in a row.

14. Do 2 one-drawing-a-day weeks (14 days)
Why: I must stimulate my creative skills and overall artistic talent, so I shall push myself to do the effort of actually creating.
How: Post one drawing (not older than 2 days) per day during 7 days in a row, x2 (excludes comic-a-day goal13)

15. Send a real secret to PostSecrets
Why: I've been enjoying PostSecrets for a few years now, and I lack the courage to send in one of my own secrets. Also, it's a creative exercise.
How: Write down a real (untold) secret on a postcard, decorate it and send it to PostSecret.

16. Customize (sewing, painting, drawing) one piece of clothing
Why: I've always dreamed of creating clothing, but again, I lack the dedication. One step at a time =)
How: Create or customize (decorate or enhance) a clothing item (shirt, t-shirt, pants, skirt, etc).

17. Do a one-photo-a-day week (7 days)
Why: I truly suck at taking pics, so this is a good occasion to work on it =)
How: Take and post one photograph per day, for 7 days in a row (excluding SPF, see goal18)

18. Start a Self-Portrait Thursday project of my own
Why: A Flickr group features that project, inviting people to take a photograph of themselves or having it taken by someone else, every Thursday, and post it every week. I thought the idea was quite interesting to see how much someone can change through the weeks and follow the evolution.
How: Take and post a picture of myself every Thursday for the 29 weeks of my challenge.

19. Have a white night out
Why: Almost did it last summer in Finland: waiting for the sun to rise in the morning. I never did that, and I feel like I should =)
How: Spend a whole night outside my living quarters (hostel, house, room, etc. : can include indoors as long as most of the night is not spent in one place) until 7:30am.

20. Visit a city in a new country (not Finland)
Why: I've officially been to: 2 countries. I need to see more!
How: Spend at least a few hours walking around in a city of a country other than Canada and Finland.

21. Post a video every week for 29 weeks
Why: I've been given a camcorder before my departure last summer, so it is only fair I put it to use. =)
How: Make and post at least one video of a minimum length of 60 seconds every week for 29 weeks.

22. Make 29 new friends
Why: I'm switching countries. I won't turn my back on my friends here, but it is normal - and imperative - that I meet new people. To learn, share, and broaden experiences =)
How: Make friends with 29 people. Those people can already be acquaintances, but a deeper knowledge of them - life, likes, strengths, etc. - is needed. Can be either in rl or online.

23. Go vegetarian for a week (7 days)
Why: I've noticed that my taste for meat has been declining over the years. I don't look at meat with disdain or distaste, but I don't mind eating less. Also, going out of my way to find new recipes / things to eat is a good way to experience new things =)
How: Eat no meat or fish for 7 days in a row. Eggs and dairies are allowed.

24. Find 29 new bands/artists I like
Why: A recurrent theme in this list, being open-minded. I used to be very open to stuff, but growing older, I lost a lot of that. So, working on it, and best way to initiate that is to start with something very dear to my heart: music.
How: Find 29 new bands/artists that don't figure on my iTunes playlist, or at least not extensively (2 songs max). Only artists that I will keep listening to for a whole week without forcing myself to will be counted.

25. Start to read a book in Finnish
Why: Because honestly, I can't wait to be good enough to do it =) I can already picture myself thrilled of actually understanding the stuff =D
How: Read a book of at least 30 pages in Finnish. Can be a children's book. Review each chapter.

26. Write a story starring Closet Characters
Why: Sometimes, the characters in my head go much faster than I can summon the creative energy to picture them, so I lose a lot of good ideas. Also, sometimes those ideas demand greater skills than I possess; so I shall try and make them come alive in people's head rather than in their eyes.
How: Write a 5-page long story in work, font size 10, starring Closet Inc. characters, either original or inspired.

27. Buy and complete a colouring book
Why: I love doing childish stuff, so this is an artistic way to do it. Also, I'll practice shading and colouring techniques =)
How: Buy a colouring book, and colour each page completely (note: not necessarily *entirely* coloured, but all elements must have color).

28. Write 29 snailmail letters of at least one page and send them out
Why: I love getting mail, so I shall send out some to share the feeling with friends =)
How: Write and send 29 letters of at least a complete page.

29. Every week, share about a band, an artist, a comic or a project on my blogs
Why: You might have noticed, I already kinda started. I've always dreamed to share such things with people, and I'm finally getting the right feeling for it.
How: Post on LJ, Twitter, Blogspot and / or Facebook about at least one project (music, art, comics, etc.) I follow regularly.

Start date: July 29th, 2009
End date: February 10th, 2010

Updates will be HERE (comics from goal13 will be published normally on Closet Inc)