Saturday, May 13, 2006


("So, bandanas are cool. You can wear them.
Janne, you have to wear them."
"Hats are okay for Tuomas.
Janne: no way.
Jussi, you can wear *absolutely* nothing, it's VERY fine.
I mean it.
VERY fine.
~ <3")

Situation: after terrible horrors concerning caps - we'll spare you the details - we decided that prevention was best first started by education. So, we set up classes for our 3 Finns-at-risk, Janne Selo, Tuomas Holopainen and Jussi 69.
(note that Janne is shaved, to respect the League's rule, and that Tuomas is not, since his facial hair is still aethetic)
And you can take the "wear *absolutely* nothing" reference in any you're pleased to, but remember, he is in MY closet :P