Thursday, June 26, 2008

August 18

And now for some fashion!

Perttu goes classical. Lol.

Antti goes Marilyn. Ahaha.

Olli goes... to bed? XD
I'm back in Montreal with a SHITLOAD of comics, hand-drawn. They are all scanned already, just need to arrange them some, then I will start torturing you by releasing them one by one.... muahahahaha!
So, after you've seen these here, you can start checking Closet Inc on googlepages again. I will also update Closet Inc on LiveJournal and will also try to notify through MySpace.
Talk to you soon!!!

August 11

It was originally for some New Year special, but well. Old blonde and pink Kris... and the barbie undies!!
And Matthau smirking at his 'older' bro... muahaha.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

August 04

This was for New Year's Eve / Christmas 2006/2007. There's Perttutu, sporting a magnificent crown as the Star Fairy, which is a character associated to Santa Claus only in my little part of the world. A fairy helping him with the gifts and such. Well.

Eicca is convinced that the crown needs fixing which, obviously, Perttutu does not agree with.

And Jonne is all 'OOOOOOOH PINK! SHINYYYYY! WANTS!' and being creepy like that.


July 28

Children of Bodom fans!

No, Janne Wirman does not get shaved. However, it has been pointed out to me - long ago - that he is losing hair.

From the top.

Such an horrible fate for a metalhead.

Another funny story.

Sometimes last year, it had been reported that a few Negative guys managed to get drunk - whoo, surprise - and go in a brothel and lose some... 3000 euros or something (I've read 5,000 euros in some places).

I imagined Tommi, Jonne's brother and manager (at the time, since then he also bought the record company... he PWNS them)

So yeah, I magined him getting mad.

Don'd ask me what Jonne is wearing, the fuck if I remember XD

Tommi with a beard and 'stache looks very horrible imo. I'd be scared shitless too.

Btw, I don't plan on making him appearing more here, don't even ask XD

July 21

Jonne taking glaring lessons from Kimmo.

Everyone should get their lessons from him.

*gets death-glared*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

July 14

Sketch I did back in 2006 for Pinkass's birthday. It looks like like I'm handing over Jussi69, just like that, but it was really just a loan for the day.
Sadly for her.
Note the thrilled look on his face.
The idea of the bow was very simple: if he didn't like it, he could always take it off.

I used the same idea in a drawing for Jen, but this time with Tuomas =)

July 07

Teemu socks. The win of my life.

Sorry for those on LJ who already saw this one, here's something else to make up for it ;)

This is just for the cute.

It was for Valentine's day in... 2007. I think I just posted links in the news, and never made a proper page for them.

And this is baby Ville Lii, in a baby suit, just cause I can. Was originally for Talula =)

June 30

EDIT: I have NO idea what happened, but the pic seems to have disappeared from my files online. Being in FINLAND without MY laptop, I can't fix it -_-;;; sorryyyyyyy

Well well, first, let's take you back to the earlies of Closet Inc.

Yes, yes, those were Apocalyptica. Note how horrible Paavo's mohawk looks XD Eicca's hair was nice though.
I kinda miss the days when I was ok with just doing B&W&pencil sketches and just post them...

Then, little Perttu (to stay in the Apo theme) receiving a sword as a girf (he's such a fan of LotR, thought he might like =D) Please not the shiny rainbow-eyes.

That's be all for today! Check back in a few days for more!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back on track

I'm leaving my laptop and tablet behind starting June 27, until August 16, for cause FINLAND.
Considering the general lack of updates lately, I thought it would be quite unfair to leave you all without fun while I molest kidnap stalk Finns.

Therefore, and for a limited time only, the Closet Inc blog on Blogspot will be put back in service. Depending on how many doodles I can conjure up, it'll be updated every 3-4 days. I'll need a good rest after some 31 hours of flights and airport waiting on my way back, so it might take a while after my return to get new stuff.