Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wheeeee 8D

Hello Closeteers!

Not a comic just yet but just wanted to let you aaaaaall know that I'm now the proud owner of! :D
Now, if any of you have good skills with CSS or website designing altogether.... contact me, because I feel like bashing my own head in the screen >_>

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Ugh, my neck hurts.
But hey, I'm back :D

My tour of Europe (short and not the whole thing) was quite fun but tiring. I'm now back in Quebec, with no job, still with my parents (-__-) BUT holding a contract that should allow me to go back to Finland as an au pair. Finally.

Celebrated (not really) my 24th birthday on Friday (yayNOT) by not doing anything. It's kinda awful to see high school friends have babies when I don't even know on which continent I'll be living next year.
But well, it is the life I chose, and I have no little regrets.

I'll take this line to remind you that if you have Failbook, I post random stuff there (rarely drawings, but it happens) and you can watch it HERE.

I have drawn a few comics on my travels, but some will probably not be published. The reason? The joke is WAY to much of an insider. It would take AGES (no, really, 3 whole days) to explain it, and yet since (most of) you weren't there, it wouldn't be as funny.
Also, I am reminding myself that now that everyone pimped my drawings out to the Finns I draw, I have to watch what I publish :) I still have at least 2 comics, beside The Table, that I will definitely put up, possibly 3. And I have other ideas.

But! I also have to find a job, and have a job, and earn money, and do something with my person. *pulls Waury in the picture - that is my person 8D*
So it might take time. I'm actually amazed that The Table was redrawn and arranged all on the same day. But it's good.

In other news! I have pimping to do.

Suicide Love Boat. A ship has sank, and the survivors made it to a new vessel :) Please help them play Nosturi (FI) by voting HERE: enter your email address and confirm via the email they send you. Enter your *Name, *Phone number (even international), *Email, *Street Address and *Postcode with country. There are prizes to win, too :) You can vote everyday, so bookmark it!

Bloodpit Intergalactic. If you joined the Negative International community, you can easily connect your account to BP Intergalatic. Otherwise, signing up is quite easy anyway :) Warning: Insanity ;D

The 69 Eyes's new album and North American tour. I was quite surprised with the sound of Back In Blood, the x'th Eyes' album. It's a it of a change in my opinion, but I liked it :) They are starting their North American tour tomorrow (October 5th) in San Francisco, with The Becoming and Dommin. I do believe they're headlining this time, but I've had trouble finding definite info. But! Check their tour dates for the ones nearest you ;)

Also, Twitter! All warm from being created moments ago =)

That's all for now, I guess.
Looking forward to hear from you, Closeteers!

~Laury M. Dragon