Monday, April 13, 2009

Time Passes, People Change...

Hello, Closeteers! 
I write to you all again.

I wish you had a very nice Zombie Jesus celebration. I'm sorry I - once again, as always with predictable events - missed the occasion to draw something funny and cute. Sorri. =3

A little update on my life at the moment, just because it has and will have an influence on the closet's updates in the future.

Well, first, I was accepted in a Finnish boarding school to learn the language and culture.
Yes, in Finland.
So I will be leaving at the beginning of August, the beloved province that is Quebec, for at least 9 months of hard studies.
I will be taking my dearest baby with me, meaning my laptop, but alas, the internet connection at the school is... miraculous. As in, hard to get and rare, meaning you do with what you get.
So I might have a lot of occasions to draw - but little occasion to post.
That might mean that I put more effort in colouring, shading, or even, who knows... backgrounds?
(this has NOTHING to do with the latter part of this post)

So. I will be leaving in less than 4 months now, and to be absolutely honest, this is scaring the fucking shit out of me. But. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. I believe this and will go to the end of my dream.
even if I'll just have enough money after that to try and find a way to stay, otherwise I'll have to come back here and I'd rather not
This also means that I have a shitload of paperwork to go through. Lots. Of. Fun.

I... still managed to complete this project I started a while ago. See, the absence of a location for my comics started to get on my nerves a while ago already. Sooooo. I worked on it.

And I give you... Closet Baari! =D

Please note the following:
- the curtain poles and decoration made with clothes hangers;
- the pictures on the walls from Closet Inc;
- the toilet signs;
- Jussi scurrying away on all fours;
- Masa's flushed look.

- Closet Bar only serves iced tea. Don't ask why.
- The bartender is PB (Phantom Bartender).
[yes, it's PK, but you know, he needed a part-time job, and he deals well with annoying customers]
- Rumors were made for that job.