Friday, October 23, 2009


Greetings, Closeteers!

Just a quick hello.
I actually did find a job, which occupies me from 7:45am until about 4:15pm (counting transport) from Monday to Friday. Yay! It means less time to myself, which is both a good and a bad thing.
Thank you to the... 21 people who actually filled the survey. I'll consider that those are pretty much how many people WILL order, so the number of buttons made will be chosen accordingly. It'll probably mean that I'll have a lower number of designs.
I will kick my ass and actually do the designs this weekend, and hopefully manage to get them ordered this week.

As for the survey's result, here are the results:
1. Weirdly enough, Wiwian came in first. Followed closely by Jonne and Theon (ex aqueo), Jussi and Janne (bros :D), Rumors, Kris, Chulian and... Eicca. Antti (NGT), Commodore and Teemu get the next mentions.
2. The winner of the "Other" category was incontestably Jann Wilde.
Fine. (doesn't mean other mentioned won't appear)
3. With high majorities, Uniklubi, Lovex, Negative and Apocalyptica were pointed out as favorite bands for the buttons.
4. People from 12 countries over the world answer this survey :D Austria, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Costa Rica, Portugal, Finland, Denmark and France :D
5. Most people voted for buying 5 buttons, then 10, so I'm probably going to make it a customizable amount :P
6. I got a lot of, "all comics are good for buttons" and such. Thank you :D Otherwise, a lot of mentions of those with Wiwian and Theon, Jussi is more - , Innocent, Pink & Sparkly and Gaffaman. Quite workable =)

It's very sad that I can't have an unlimited amount of designs in my order. I have so many ideas, the toughest will be to choose >_> *sigh*

Also, in time for Halloween, I'll have a zoo for you ;D

Alright! So many things to do, so little time...! ATTACK! 8)

Take care!!