Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Eat candy! Terrorize F- erm. >_>

Yeah. So! I don't remember and I'm a bit too lazy to check, but I think I did mention having a job now, yes? Well, I'm quitting on Wednesday. Got a better one. ;D

Gonna start studying Finnish more intensively starting on Monday. If I'm to live in Finland for a year, that'll help. So, you Finnish Closeteers (if there are any), feel free to send me babbling to admin*at*closet-inc*dot*com, in Finnish, and I'll try to write back and you can mock me 8D
And please don't be shy about writing cause really, I'm not that cool and not so many people write to me and I like mail D8

Other than that... yeah. Comic :D The Zoo!

Site on will only come in a while, cause my awesome brother is going to do it for me, but his health doesn't allow it just now =/ Silly accidents are silly. But it's gonna be cool, and you're all going to be able to comment :D

I'll probably post a few (really) Halloween-related sketches during the weekend, ideas I had today but didn't get to draw in time. ^_^

Take care!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween & Dia de los Muertos to you! You've made my day with your animals in the zoo...especially the ones who aren't in disguise. Ha, ha. Congrats on the new job. Take care of yourself...Cali a/k/a Caliban

Laury M. Dragon said...

Thank you! You're welcome!
(I'm guessing Dia de los Muertos means Day of the Dead? omgomgomgIunderstandspanish)
Will do, take care of yours ;D