Thursday, December 03, 2009

Buttons - finally!

Alright, so.

I have 360 1-inch buttons at the moment, of 13 different models.
I don't have a "store", so sadly, basically, you'll have to trust me =x

Size: 1 inch diameter
(As big as a quarter [US&Canada] and a 50 cents coin [euro])

How to order
If you wish to order some, refer to THIS POST and send me an email at closet(dot)inc(dot)sseksi(at)gmail(dot)com with the designs you wish, the number of each, and your address.
PLEASE NOTE: The "Wilde Mime" design came out much darker than I expected, so if you still wish to order some, I will discount them.
ALSO: 1 (one) "Closet Inc Logo" button come FREE with each order. If you wish for additional one(s), please specify in your order (you will be charged for those).

My objective is not to make money from it. What I'm looking for is to get back my investment (meaning, the original cost of getting the buttons done) and, hopefully, help to pay for my domain (still have to get around to switching everything. I know. v_v My webdesigner is on vacation right now.)
Extra money will go toward more buttons and the annual domain fees. And maybe other "merch" should I get demand/budget for it =)

Base prices:
0,75$CAN per button
Canada: 3$CAN
International: 5$CAN

For example: 7 buttons x 0,75 = 5,75$CAN, shipped to Finland (+5$CAN): 10,75$CAN (that's about 6,94 euros, so that makes about 1 euro per button)

At this moment, I can only accept payment through Paypal.
If you have a paypal account, please use the email you're using for that account to send me your order, or make a note of which address I should send the invoice to.
If you don't have a Paypal account, I do believe you can still pay through it with a credit card. I will use the email address you will send me the order from to send you the invoice.
(If you wish to know how much $CAN make, you can refer to THIS as an approximate)

I will ship everything ASAP, most likely within 3 days. Depending on your location, it can take up to 2 weeks to reach you - keep that in mind.

If you have ANY question, don't hesitate to contact me =)

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