Thursday, November 26, 2009


I did it!! :D

Hello. My second batch of button badges - the first one that will actually be available for sale - has been ordered and paid for tonight. I can already anticipate the awesome pride I'll feel upon looking at those tiny little professional-looking items with my art over them. Squee. =D
I thought I'd show you all the final designs. There are some I like more or less, but I tried to make choose and make them accordingly to the results of the survey I conducted a while back.

Closet logo - All orders will come with one included. (to be honest I'm still in love with it. The rock thrown and the lettering. <3)
Bite me! - a favorite of mine. Commodore was quite high in the character popularity contest, and I like the joke XD (Japa in bonus.)
Duck! - Another one of my favorites. Isn't IsoT just awfully cute and sad? Poor little super hero.
The Axe - I'm still giggling over the comic. I'm also giggling over the lame wordplay. But that's just me XD It was also a popular demand =)
Gaffaman! - This was a hard one to design. None of the actual drawings of Eicca as Gaffaman actually worked well in a button design. So you're getting a... rescued innocent instead =)
Life - As much as I love that comic, using it in button design is much harder than it looks.

(but you know life *is* short, even if he doesn't like that word)
Sparkly - I could not have left that one out. Too bad I can't actually put glitter on those badges.
sPINK & Spank - I think this one imposed itself mostly because I fell in love with the wordplay. Not thw pink part, just you know, the whole. I love words.
Throwing UP - That picture was probably the easiest to use on a button design. And, to be honest, I like it very much XD You decide if it represents what downing alcohol so recklessly will lead to, or the actual downing itself XD
Wilde Mime - I actually had a lot of demand for Jann Wilde. Weird, especially since I drew him what, 3 times? Finding the right image and right slogan was much of a hassle. v.v
Rumors - I'm VERY happy with this one. This is a drawing I did for the occasion. Know the saying, "Rumor has it that [insert gossiping here]" ? Rumors is cool. Rumors is awesome. Rumors has IT. Period.
(you can also see some double sense in the 'period' comment. is it what Rumors has? period? XD)
Beerman - I had few demands for Bloodpit, but this drawing - Paavo as Beerman, another superhero - is just one of my favorite. A small number of these will be made =3
Teddy - I think this one will be liked very much. =3 The drawing was made for the occasion =)


Julie said...

Yeahh !! The Axe and The duck are so funny XD

I love it ^^

Jess said...

Yay! *squee* Those look fantastic!
I'm so happy the duck one made it in, haha :D And the teddy is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
I so have to get my hands on these :D

Laury M. Dragon said...

@Julie: The Axe is actually one of the first I came up with. It was asked many times on the survey, so it had to be there ;D
@Jess: The duck is a classic by now XD Maybe one day he'll find it... And I knew, before I had finished the lineart, that the teddy would get that reaction. It IS awesomely cute :D
I'll post the ordering details when I actually get the buttons - just in case. Also, they're going to be cheaper than I first thought they'd be :)

tina said...

they are all so cute, and i knew you liked pink ;b... who is that in the teddy one?

Eleanor said...


No, seriously, I do!

My Pin-Ach bag will be happy with nothing short (sorry Janne) of them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Jac said...

Awww, these are fantastic!! *_* You're the best *hihi*
I love the "Bite me!" button ^^

Hm, the buttons would be the perfect christmas gifts for me and my best you know when they are finished and ready to order? it possible to order from Europe or is that too much complications? (Germany) Would be sooo nice =)


Laury M. Dragon said...

@Tina: Who likes teddies?

@Crow: Ahahahaha XD

@Jac: Hopefully I'll get them within a week, and I'll have arranged for orders by then. Shipping worldwide, as my readers are spread across some 35 countries on 5 continents... Ahahaha. Germany will be no problem at all ^_^

Jac said...

Great! ^^ Hihi, I'm looking forward!

Anniii said...

TEDDY!! You were so right. It IS liked very much. At least by me. SO cute. :D
And the AXE! <3

Laury M. Dragon said...

Well I'm glad then XD

Leah said...

So I've been wanting these and I was going to order the whole set when I got paid, but then Christmas shopping got in the way...>_>

So I will be ordering them the third friday of January if you don't run out by then. 8D

(getting paid only once a month sucks)

Laury M. Dragon said...

So far only 5 people got through with an order, so... no rush ;P

Happy holidays :D